Our mission at BoldGuy Management Sports division begins with providing complete professional guidance for all aspects of our clients’ professional athletic career supported by unmatched personal attention and a proven network of contacts.

If you are serious about playing professionally, then BoldGuy Sports Management will help set you apart from the pack, and provide you the ingredients to a prosperous career. We are not satisfied until our clients’ dreams are a reality.

BoldGuy Management Sports Division Offers:

  • Lifestyle Planning
    • Financial
    • Real Estate
    • Legal
    • Wellness
  • Career Development
  • General Services

Our Client List Continues to Grow:

  • Steffon Farley, Chilean Basketball League (D-League)
  • Darin Mency, NBL Canada (D-League)
  • Ryan Anderson, NBL Canada (D-League)
  • Tim Ellison, Bloomington Flex
  • Auryn McMillan, Wollongong Hawks (NBL)
  • Anthony Goode, MPBA
  • Andre Wells, (Germany-Koblenz)
  • Tierra Henderson(Portugal)
  • LaShantel Wilson(China and Romania)
  • Derrick Williams, Free Agent
  • Davon Thomas, Free Agent
  • Denzel Jackson, Free Agent
  • Corey Spence, Free Agent